The ease of solution to every problem depends on how one handles it. ITCIB knows how to deal with business disputes between you and your peers. We resolve any type of common or unique trade conflicts and corporate frauds between trading parties, business entities, and individuals. ITCIB Dispute Resolution Services mediate the following conflicts, but not limited to:

Frauds like intentional non-delivery or failure to supply goods after receiving payment that lead to unprecedented loss in trade.

Payment frauds where clients do not pay after receiving goods or services making the process of fund recovery strenuous and tricky.

Corporate and white-collar crimes including identity theft, business frauds, and coordinated business scandals.

Delivery of non-standard products that does not meet the quality as defined in the business agreement and supply chain financial crime.

Reputation damage due to false statements and misleading claims by devious business entities or persons leading to loss of trust.

Influence of third-party businesses and mediators in disruption of payments or assistance in defrauding the deals between parties.

ITCIB Dispute Resolution Service lets you quicken the process of resolving your business conflicts. Our multidimensional approach to solve trade and corporate conflicts involves the best Alternate Dispute Resolution practices. ITCIB Dispute Resolution features:

ITCIB Dispute Resolution Service ensures quicker and faster response from conflicting businesses as we have competent mediators.

ITCIB DRS safeguards any sensitive information related to businesses and disputed cases with prudent and judicious handling of conflicts.

Our mediators endeavour to bring resolutions that address the concerns of both the parties with two-way exchange of dialogues.

ITCIB DRS operates to build an amicable business ecosystem that provides a sustainable market with long-term business associations.

Our Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) attempts to resolve business conflicts by obviating litigation and arduous processes of legal affairs.

Business Disputes can be major setbacks towards growth and diminish your market influence. We are committed to deliver industry standard services and set an exemplary role in mediating business conflicts. Among others, the benefits of ITCIB Dispute Resolution Service your business can derive are:

Saves your time and lets you focus in order to continue your business without any worry and hassle about the ongoing dispute.

Gets you the agility over the whole process of conflict resolution allowing you to produce new information, documents and facts.

Gain the advantage of being proactive in cooperation with the peers that will let better bargaining as well as resolution of the dispute.

Acquire the benefits of fair deals that even satisfy your adversary, creating a friendly business culture for genuine entities in the market.

Reach a comprehensive and complete solution through a transparent process of negotiation with no possibilities of further disputes.

Achieve full command over the resolution process at any stage keeping you ahead of your peer in the dispute for beneficial outcome.

ITCIB Dispute Resolution is a comprehensive and complete solution derived from mutual cooperation between parties. Our experienced experts are well acquainted with technicalities and terms of specific business and industry sectors. Our connection and coordination with large business networks, trade associations and unions facilitate us to mediate smoothly and efficiently. We work towards a sustainable and growing business ecosystem.

Scrutiny and interlinking of identification data like PAN and AADHAAR to verify businesses and possible organised crime.

Targeting multiple trusted sources from both government and non- government entities, apart from third parties in business.

Careful analyze trader background, and tracking of intentional mistakes in records, forgery of documents and misinformation.

Fluent communication and exchange of data between disputed parties to create a two-way channel for enhancing trust.

Alternate dispute resolution processes like mediation and arbitration between conflicting parties for mutual benefits.

Litigation process through experienced advocates for complicated disputes where legal action can resolve the conflict effectively.

ITCIB Dispute Resolution Service facilitates genuine businesses to regain market reputation by resolving false allegations and defamation. It's possible to overcome the impacts of misinformation and malignant interpretation with recovery of records and data analysis. We assist genuine businesses in the following way:

ITCIB improves the ratings of a business based on new business records while correcting the data related to false allegations.

We coordinate with the business parties that defame a genuine entity to recover the factual and correct data of specific deals.

ITCIB connects genuine business parties that can enhance the positive rating which assists the business to regain reputation.

We collect information about deals from trusted sources like the police department and courts apart from third party verification.

ITCIB facilitates to gain positive reviews on a business that was a victim of defamation through new parties with market reputation.

We introduce the business to multiple parties, unions and associations with revived business identity with factual data.

Don’t let a simple mistake lose your hard earned money, your reputation in the family. Use the digital platform and business solutions that verifies authenticity of business for you. We alert you about the criminal record or background of any business or persons before you indulge in any business deal or invest your hard earned money.

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