Terms of Subscription

Indian Trade Credit Information Business (ITCIB) - Part of (“LEGAL EMPOWERMENT INDIA LLP”).

We do not certify any Data shared with / shown by Legal Empowerment which is received from Indian Courts, RTI, Income Tax Department, GST Department, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Trader & financial institutions. If any data is found incorrect, then they can intimate us and report for the correction of such data with required evidence. Our efforts are to secure increasing business transactions in India and control of organized crimes, in which such persons, businessmen, firms, companies who are involved in malpractice, with their wrong intentions and with preplanning do not make payment of the good purchased by them. They use their different named firms or companies to make this happen. In case, you are falling under this category, above mentioned persons, businessmen, firms, companies are very big danger to the country and such fraudsters for their monetary benefits do not pay taxes and payment for the goods to the persons, firms, companies from whom they make business transactions.

Data Dispute resolution

If above Data is related to any person, firm, company etc. and it is related to any prior or current case then to remove it court order copy or affidavit or settlement letter from the party who has filed the case is required and if any company / firm then on its letterhead and if it is related to court, it should be required from the court. In event of any case data for any absconding offender /defaulter is requested, a written request must be submitted by subscriber and certified copy received from court / RTI / last information filed by the person will provided. In case the last information provided by such person is incorrect then last information provider will be responsible

Terms of Data Upload

By proceeding for uploading data you agree that the information provided by you is correct, has been read & understood by you, and you are sharing at your discretion and not under any pressure. The information may in future be shared with any other persons, firms, companies etc for any legal procedure and may be shared for any other use. In event of the uploaded / shared data is found incorrect, whole responsibility lies on You, your Firm, or Company.


  • The Information on this WEB PORTAL is as reported by Members, based on police FIR, Court Cases, Court Orders by Indian court, the accuracy and completeness of the data on this web portal is the responsibility of the concerned Member and not that of Indian Trade
  • Credit Information business. Part of ("LEGAL EMPOWERMENT INDIA LLP").
  • Any person seeking clarification or having a grievance of any kind regarding Information contained on this web portal should contact the concerned Member Institution.

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