Trader Registration

Why Register with ITCIB?

ITCIB contributes to a fraud-free market ecosystem that minimizes the risk of every stakeholder. We are bringing responsible businessmen and enterprises together to stand and act against fraudulent entities in the market. By registering with ITCIB businesses can ensure authentic, reliable and genuine deals by connecting only with honest and ethical entities in the market.

Frauds like intentional non-delivery or failure to supply goods after receiving payment that lead to unprecedented loss in trade.

Payment frauds where clients do not pay after receiving goods or services making the process of fund recovery strenuous and tricky.

Corporate and white-collar crimes including identity theft, business frauds, and coordinated business scandals.

Delivery of non-standard products that does not meet the quality as defined in the business agreement and supply chain financial crime.

Reputation damage due to false statements and misleading claims by devious business entities or persons leading to loss of trust.

Influence of third-party businesses and mediators in disruption of payments or assistance in defrauding the deals between parties.

Benefits of Trade License Registration with ITCIB

Registering with ITCIB, manufacturers, wholesalers, and traders can enhance profit in business by dealing only with authentic peers. Businesses can ensure faster deals with minimized risk. Any registered entity can acquire credit in the market by growing its positive reputation as an honest and capable business in the market. Manufacturers (MSMEs), wholesalers and trader registration have multidimensional benefits.

Close business deals quickly without any glitches in payments or delivery of goods and services through genuine businesses

Expand your business through a network of honest and authentic MSMEs, traders, dealers and manufactures that support mutual growth

Build positive image in the market of being an authentic business with a record of fair, transparent, and quick deals with MSMEs and traders

Augment business reputation through word of mouth and build a group of trusted peers who expand your market by recommendations

Gain credit awareness in the market and earn the trust of fellow businesses through the strong ratings of ITCIB supported by other members.

Create a connection with trusted dealers that can fulfill your requirements quickly, making your business grow without risks

Who can Register?

Any authentic business with proper documentation can connect with ITCIB by registering as a member. ITCIB is India’s first trade criminal record portal that enhances the credibility score of business entities through authentic records. ITCIB is open for registration to any businesses of any scale or size. Our membership is open, but not limited to the following.

Manufacturers Traders Wholesalers
MSME Large Industries Business Agents
Dealers Large Retailers Suppliers

Documents Required

ITCIB believes in authentic documentation as the basis of legitimacy and reputation. Documents are the foundation of a business entity to build the pathway to a market.

Incorporation Certificate Personal ID and Address Proof Bank Statement GSTIN Reseller's Permit License

How Finance Company Registration Works?

Register online with ITCIB using the official website. You can register with your email id and mobile number to create your password.

Submit the required documents by uploading it on the website. The list of required documents is provided as per the business or trade.

ITCIB verifies the shared documents uploaded by business with the concerned departments and offices to prove the authenticity of data.

We verify the documents physically by personal visit on the site of business and tracking physical persons to ensure authenticity.

ITCIB issues the membership card after validating each document provided by the business entity on receipt of prescribed fees.

Businesses can avail the benefits of ITCIB after receiving the Membership Card and by login into the portal to access information.

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