Right to Information

In simplistic form, Right to Information is a Parliamentary Act of India under which the erstwhile citizens of India can secure access to information under the control of public authorities, to promote fair and transparent working of every public authority. The Act empowers the citizens of the country to raise questions on the functions of an establishment as per rules and regulations of the judicial parameters.

Right to Information - Securing Data on Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Trader

The most concerning issue in a business deal is to secure information on monitoring compliance with the Business transaction, a Manufacturer, Dealer or Trader has any grievances like a Criminal Record, a good credit score and genuineness of the company or a business agent.
Sometimes it becomes difficult for a trader, manufacturer or a dealer to procure information of the other as one might not have all the required data or details of the business agent so to apply for RTI. ITCIB (Indian Trade Credit Information Business) is providing you the platform where you can acquire all information of the manufacture, wholesalers, traders and individuals on one platform through a panel of professional legal advisers.

Is RTI accessible to the public?

Any citizen of India Under the provisions of the Act, may appeal information from the government authority. Not all departments fall under the purview of RTI though organisations and financial cooperations may seek for information by filling an application being a citizen of India.

RTI is the best tool to seek any kind of information from government office within a stipulated time. You have to just need to submit the required information and valid documents and we will assist you with the whole registration process.

Advantage/Impact of RTI

The Right to Information Act extends to all citizens of India irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion and social hegemony. So this way, any citizens is entitled to obtain information under this law, inspect work, documents, reports held by Public Authorities.

By providing power to citizens who are consumers, creditors, stake holders and first hand business party, they are being made accountable to all forms of information thus improving the decision making process, as well as reducing corruption, nepotism and casteism. This way, citizens will be able to assert their democratic rights by empowering them to think, re-think before taking any step towards any trade dealing.

Advantages of using RTI as a tool of information

RTI being the best tool for seeking all information regarding the business agent's address, criminal records, police verification, etc, you need to send the appropriate and accurate RTI application within prescribed time period so to receive the correct data of the information sought by the business agent such as the manufacturer, trader or the dealer.

How to appeal for an RTI?

The RTI makes it compulspry for Public Information Officers to provide the information within 30 days of RTI application receipt or from the date on which the information or decision of the Public Information Officer is received. The concerned authority then shall dispose of the appeal within a period of thirty days or in exceptional cases within 45 days of the receipt of the appeal.

If the applicant does not receive any information or is not satisfied with the order of the first appellate authority, then he may prefer a second appeal with the Information Commission within ninety days from the date on which the decision should have been made by the first appellate authority or was actually received by the appellant.

Documents required:-

  • RTI application form
  • Documents for verification of identity


ITCIB is one such platform where for the first time in India Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Traders can not only check their credit scores and credit report but also report grievances of a trade malpractice, look out for fraudulent Traders, Manufacturers and dealers strictly under the purview of the law. For best advice on business support, ITCIB is India's first trade credit information business platform who will use legal tools for your best trade credit help. For a fair and transparent passage of any trade, it is imperative to empower the citizens of a nation.