Benefits of ITCIBs Conflict Resolution with RTI

Enhance your decision making capabilities with genuine information about traders and enterprises. Gain the advantage of credible data to avoid frauds and defaulters in business. ITCIB strengthens your resilience against business loss through RTI based dispute resolution and fraud recovery. Get ahead in the competitive market with our RTI aided efficient dispute resolution service.

Get accurate information from genuine sources for decision making in the process of conflict resolution and business background verification.

Save time for business as we act against trade fraud crimes to resolve your disputes with accurate criminal record checking.

Build a better future for business with constructive process of business dispute resolution through the right set of RTI document verification.

Contribute towards a transparent market ecosystem that is free of trade frauds and organized business crime with constitutional rights

Strengthen the grip in the market with stature and esteem of being legal and right in the process creating business and credit awareness.

Retrieve your funds or assets following our seamless mechanism of using the right information at the right time.

Features of our RTI for Conflict Resolution Services

RTI for Conflict Resolution is a forte of ITCIB. Our process for fraud prevention and dispute resolution uses RTI judiciously to deal with mitigate fraudulent businesses. We maintain strict integrity of our services following the legal guidelines and pre-defined strategy with authorization of your clients.

Our service provides absolute command to our clients to initiate, propel and direct the process of data hunt from correct sources

ITCIB collects relevant data that assist to reveal fraudulent trader and manufacturers and to dissolve conflicts efficiently

We adhere to the principles of integrity and ethics to collect fraudulent business data, resolve disputes and expose trade frauds

Our RTI enabled mediation maintains constant communication with clients through multiple channels and human resources

ITCIB upholds strict and full confidentiality of information to divulge them only to the right authority with proper approval

We follow and collect information only from genuine and trusted sources that can deliver us the appropriate and correct data

Why RTI?

Lack of information leads to ignorance and ignorance makes a businessman vulnerable to frauds, double dealers, organized corporate crimes and unprecedented losses. RTI enables direct access to genuine information from trusted sources. It is possible to use this right with proper legal consultancy and good guidance to verify before business.

RTI enables to access to factual data related to compliance, authenticity, criminal record and grievances against any accused entity

Facilitates to pre-plan the strategy with dependable materials to approach fraudulent entity to resolve disputes and recover assets

RTI provides necessary evidence that builds a strong case against defaulting entities to substantiate allegations and verify authenticity

Orients the approach towards defaulting business entities with legal and constitutional rights as per the established rules and regulations

RTI ensures just and impartial process to act against defaulting entities with optimal transparency and consistent communication

Defines the time frame between 30 to 45 days to acquire the requested information enabling to fast track the process of resolution

How We Use RTI for You

ITCIB uses the RTI Act 2005, to access information on behalf of clients with proper authorisation through experienced lawyers. With accurate and proper information we resolve the business conflicts by mediating with the peers through proper channels. RTI enables us to eradicate organized business crimes and fraud traders, wholesalers and manufacturers to build a transparent and fraud-free market ecosystem.

We use RTI only in the legal cases on behalf of our members when particular documents or information are required in the process

Our process ascertain total control to our clients throughout the entire process of filing RTI and information required from the sources

ITCIB manages all procedures and paperwork involved in the process of RTI application and data collection leaving no worries for clients

We use RTI to find the missing links in the dispute like records or entities that reveals the details of the conflict and business criminals

Our process ensures the authenticity of data and information we use against organized and habitual criminals in business to with RTI

ITCIB safeguards the confidentiality of documents, data and information about disputes ensuring non-disclosure to any third party. We share only the information gathered from the public domain.

Required Documents for RTI

RTI involves paperworks and we handle the complete process. The following set of documents are required for filing an RTI application.

Details for filing a case in respective courts as per the dispute. We provide the details for filing the case before and after deciding in the court

Letter of Authorization to file the RTI on behalf of the client to resolve the specific dispute with official seal and signature of the enterprise

Copies of identification documents like PAN, AADHAR, Company Registration certificate and copy of the ITCIB Membership Card

Supporting Documents for filing RTI as required for the specific case type. ITCIB notifies about the required documents to the client

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