Trader Site Verification

With malicious accounts and websites crowding the internet almost every day, it is becoming quite a harrowing experience for almost everyone who keeps looking out for scam free websites. Accept it or not, it’s a sad fact of life. The evolution of internet has not only brought a bit of ease and convenience to our lives but has also attracted many fake, scams and fraudulent websites too.

What is Trade credit report (TCR)?

Before moving on to the next, first know what a Trade credit report is. A Trade credit report state's an individual’s Trade credit history prepared by a credit bureau. Credit bureaus then after based on the credit history collect the individual or a trader’s information which is further provided to the subscribers/members/businesses to use the reports along with other details to determine trader’s credit worthiness.
Putting it in simple words, a credit report is like a report card which shows the finances a business party has been managing. It is a historical track record of any business’s entire financial record, as well as how long they have been managing their credit accounts.

Why is it necessary to verify a Trader’s Credit Account / Criminal Record?

The answer is simple-For a good credit report, It is necessary that one thoroughly go through the trader’s account for a better credit report as one wrong mistake of investing hard earned money can pull traders, manufacturers, sellers, wholesalers into a vicious trap of money lending then after follows- Money wasting, unknowingly. Highly profitable firms are found to both give and receive less trade credit. Firms with greater access to bank credit offer less trade credit to their customers.
It has become imperative for businesses to comprehensively go through background checking of manufactures, traders, wholesalers, sellers involvde in a trade practice to prevent any trading body avoid unwanted loss which might later impact heavily on the trade credit report. A criminal record check is a safety measure for trading bodies to protect themselves from from any kind of credit default. A trade body carrying a criminal record directly impacts on its credit sustainability as well as credibility as banks or lenders might rethink twice before crediting the trader for business purposes or providing financial aid to buy raw materials from dealers, suppliers, distributors etc.


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