Trader Criminal Records

ITCIB Trader Criminal Record makes you tension-free in business

Data generated from multiple verticals and aspects of the business to provide a holistic perspective of a potential client or manufacturer.

Complete information about business collected through specific source to establish the authenticity of traders and potential trade parties.

Massive stacks of records about businesses from diverse industry verticals to fulfill the requirements to verify the authenticity of peers.

Up-to-date business data and information about latest business development that enables businesses to take informed decisions.

Detailed information about specific business deals from the past with facts and figures makes traders and business entities credible.

Enabling businesses to take informed decisions based on credible and trustworthy records.

We enable you to make informed business decisions minimising the risk of frauds and scams that bring unprecedented loss.

Our Trader Criminal Record service increases your capacity to bargain by providing factual information about past business deals of peers.

ITCIB facilitates you to build trust with records of business peers to build a clean and risk-free ecosystem for better and quick profits.

We ensure business practices and conducts that propel smooth closure of deals building long term and sustainable businesses.

Our Criminal Record Service creates the key differentiator between a business and its peers that mitigates any possibility of deceits.

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