Solution Details


Comprehensively verify and authenticate trader identity and onboard customers more effectively and quickly

Drive Effective Decisions

Data Centric Solutions that enable businesses to comprehensively verify and authenticate trader’s identity, and onboard customers more effectively and quickly. Reduce trader verification time and reduce risk, through integration with trader credit information, legal cases and established databases. Reduce identity risk and manage your verification necessity more effectively, resulting in improved, uninterrupted and seamless customer on boarding.

ITCIB 360 Solution Overview

ITCIB 360 offers a comprehensive verification solution that enables businesses to manage verification needs more effectively, facilitating seamless and swift new customer onboarding and helps in monitoring existing trader’s credit information.

Reduce fraud risk with 360 degree verification, by integrating with bureau information for telephonic verification, office verification, residence verification and ID verification. Solution verifies customer personal information (Address, Date of Birth, Contact Details) against internal data, to establish data matches and streamline your trader verification process.Apart from personal information, also verifies PAN, Aadhaar and Voter ID’ information against established databases.


Better understand the trader fraud profile, recognize potential fraud and filter it at the beginning of the appointment process

Detect and Protect Fraud

Solutions that enable businesses to detect customer fraud profile better, recognize possibly fraudulent customers, and filter out fraud at an early stage during appointment process. Maximize fraud capture at the early stages of trader / dealer appointments, and identify traders who have higher probability of committing fraud in at any point of time in future.

Fraud Scorecard Solution Overview

Leverage our Fraud Scorecards to identify traders who have high probability of committing fraud:

  • Through a combination of application information and raw credit default variables, filter out possibly fraudulent traders / dealers and focus your business efforts on the right and potential customers
  • Optimize the manual referral process and increase fraud capture rates
  • Enhance decision making support, reduce provisioning costs, save on verification costs!


Develop faster relationships, onboard trader more effectively or quickly, and increase your customer base.

Verify, Authenticate and Onboard

Solutions that will empower businesses with the right capabilities to take best informed trade credit decisions, acquire customers more effectively and quickly, onboard customers quickly, assess trade credit risk in a more comprehensive manner, and focus on the right and potential customers. Whether your need is to automate your end-end decision process, or to gain unparalleled knowledge into prospects, or optimize customer acquisition process, we have the right set of solutions to help you focus on the right and potential customers.

Solution Overview

ITCIB One enables businesses to effectively implement multi-trader credit information strategy, and provides the convenience of a single inquiry point that allows consolidation of data from businesses.

  • Integration with multiple trader credit information using single platform for efficient decision making.
  • Easy integration with bank’s internal systems for processing credit report information.
  • Integration with Data Warehousing to drive enhanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Quick time-to-decision and seamless integration with existing business processes
  • Centralized data repository for multiple trader credit response


Track, monitor and manage more effectively and enhance existing trader portfolios without compromising on trade credit risk.

Empower Your Business to Grow

Solutions that empower your businesses to grow their existing customer base without compromising on trade credit risk. Solutions designed to ensure that businesses have all the information they need to track trader, monitor and more effectively manage and enhance existing portfolios. Benefit from our portfolio management solutions, through an improved understanding of your portfolio performance, market intelligence, trader payment behaviour, historical trends and a range of scores and analytics to help your business to build a holistic view of your customer portfolios.

Solution Overview

Scores from ITCIB provides the empowerment to business and saves time to appoint and helps in business growth by reducing several costs by appointment of potential and right customers.

  • Improved trader appointment.
  • Improved customer base.
  • Reduce calling & Recovery costs.
  • Increase profit rates.


Understand trade collections risk, optimize your collection strategy, and gain more knowledge of the trader’s risk profile

Collect with Confidence without Fear

Solutions that enable businesses to understand trade collections risk and optimize their collection strategy, and help to gain more knowledge of trader’s risk profile. Monitor collections risk more effectively and understand your customer’s credit behaviour better with data, and scorecards that enable increased engagement, and equip your business with deeper visibility into trader’s credit risk profile.

Solution Overview

ITCIB Alerts provides ability to proactively determine a set of existing traders who are showing either improvement or deterioration in trade credit status, enabling businesses to undertake different trade credit actions

  • Enables increased collections productivity and reduced cost of monitoring high-risk accounts
  • Payment delay and Collection updates empowers businesses proactively detecting existing traders who are showing changes in their trade credit status